internet benefits and disadvantages

The Internet was created in 1969, in the United States, when the world lived in times of the Cold War and when a professor at the University of California sent the first email in history to a friend. Arpanet, as it was called, had the function of facilitating internet benefits and disadvantages ,communication between the military and scientists.

internet benefits and disadvantages

internet benefits and disadvantages
In 1982, the use of the Internet became more frequent in universities, initially only in the United States, and later expanded to other countries, such as the Netherlands,  internet benefits essay Denmark and Sweden. As access expanded, the term "internet" was used to connect to the service. Only two decades later, in 1987, commercial use of the Internet was launched in the United States, and as of 1992, companies began marketing Internet access in the country  internet benefits and risks.

internet benefits essay

In Brazil, the Internet started to gain strength from the 1990s onwards, and commercial exploitation was only launched in 1995. In 2018, internet benefits and drawbacks more than 69% of Brazilians had access to the Internet. A lot has changed since the beginning. Do you remember all the advantages and facilities of the Internet in our lives?


Applications, websites and social networks. All this and more bring people together and it is one of the advantages and facilities of the Internet in our lives. In addition,  internet benefits and disadvantages it is possible to keep in touch with those who live far away, meet new people, start a new relationship and stay informed of what the people we care about are doing. Some say that the advent of the Internet has brought the far away from each other and alienated internet benefits and disadvantages  the close ones. Nobody can confirm this, but if used correctly, the Internet is a great resource for creating and improving personal relationships ,internet benefits and harms.

Information internet benefits and losses

Oral speech, print newspaper, radio and television. internet benefits essay For a long time, these devices dominated the transmission of information to the population. Facts and events close to us and even further away from us were known from these compounds,  internet benefits and disadvantages which selected and consumed information. With the spread of the Internet, that story has changed. Websites, blogs, social networks, chat groups and new software appearing every day have changed the way information is consumed and produced.

internet benefits and drawbacks

With this, we now have a larger world of content at our fingertips. Immediately after the accident, it is possible to find out what happened, where, with whom and why. So easily, we have the opportunity to be more informed. However, internet benefits and disadvantages despite being one of the advantages and facilities of the internet in our lives, we must be careful. With the increasing spread of information, it is necessary to know how to filter the true news from those that are nothing more than rumors or fake news internet benefits essay.


If today it is possible to buy clothes, shoes, accessories, books, furniture, food and anything else online, this was not the case before. Physical stores made  internet benefits and harms products available and prices checked manually, visit site by site. Using the Internet, we can buy products from anywhere in the world and receive them at home. There are also websites that specialize in showing which store sells the product you want at the lowest price.

This feature has reached even those who do not like to go to the supermarket. Today it is possible to shop, pay and receive at home using just a smartphone. Not to mention the facilities for those who don't like cooking. Applications are already available in which the customer chooses from a variety of foods and receives where he wants. Imagine what it would be like  internet benefits and disadvantages without the benefits and facilities of the Internet in our lives

It is clear that there are still many improvements and the trend is that they are getting more and more. What are the advantages and other facilities of the Internet that it is not without?
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