Latest news of the covid and vaccination, live | Young people linked to the mega outbreak in Mallorca will have to quarantine on the islands for 10 days

The Balearic Islands isolate 175 young people in a hotel, among whom it has detected 33 positives. Nine of those infected have been admitted with mild symptoms

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The Balearic Government continues to track the close contacts of young people linked to the mega outbreak of coronavirus that occurred in Mallorca during several study trips, which already leaves more than 800 infected in nine autonomous communities. The Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez, has emphasized the seriousness of the situation due to the volume of the outbreak: “We cannot allow a person who has been in contact with positives to take a plane. They will have to stay here to quarantine for 10 days. " During the weekend, the authorities have transferred 175 young people from the Peninsula who have been related to the outbreak to the Palma Bellver hotel. Among the students who are isolated, 33 positives have been detected, and nine of them have been admitted with mild symptoms. Another 93 students remain in the accommodation they had contracted for not wanting to move. "They are being given isolation at the hotel and their families are being talked to to convince them that it is the proper procedure," Gómez explained.

The director of the Olympic Games Committee calls for more controls at the border to avoid infections during the event

"There is no way that there will be zero cases of coronavirus among athletes arriving at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, so border controls must be strict to stop the spread," the president of the Japanese Olympic Committee said on Monday. Yasuhiro Yamashita, at a press conference. He has also added that imposing restrictions, such as requiring delegations from countries like India to quarantine, was necessary to gain understanding from the Japanese public. With less than a month left until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics begin, more athletic delegations have been arriving in Japan. Two members of the Ugandan delegation tested positive for coronavirus. (Reuters)
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